Lotus Root Smoothie Bar : A San Diego Gem

Words cannot even begin to explain how happy I am to have found Lotus Root Smoothie Bar. Meeting owner Cristina Deets and hearing her story remind me why I love what I do. As I made this quick stop during one of my San Diego trips, I had no idea what I was in for.

Not only was my custom bowl one of the BEST bowls I have ever had, but so was the owner’s story. When Cristina was diagnosed with Lupus, she felt crushed- as if her world was over…

” When I found out I had Lupus I was shattered. I felt like I had already died inside. I wanted to give up but inside not. I fought. And I fought hard. I felt like I rose high from suffocating mud. Henceforth, I was a lotus that pushed through the mud to make something beautiful. I was a lotus that grounder her roots. Lotus Roots isn’t just a fun name. Its a sign of perseverance. Meant to show how to never give up.”
After changing her diet to natural, healthier, clean foods- Cristina was able to overcome the disease and feel herself again. As a result, she created Lotus Root Smoothie Bar- not just for herself, but for others seeking a healthy alternative to fast food. With reasonable prices, Cristina is able to offer an affordable option for busy families who want to live a healthier lifestyle.
All bowls, smoothies, and juices are completely customizable, so you can create and order EXACTLY what you want. Cris made me an AMAZING bowl, and as I drove back from San Diego, I was crushed knowing that I would have to wait until my next SD trip to get another.
If you are ever in the San Diego area, this is DEFINITELY a stop worth making and an amazing business to support.