Let’s Cook!

I’ve always loved to cook. Since I’ve started discovering so many new restaurants, I’ve met so many amazing chefs. These chefs have quickly become idols of mine (yes I am a bit of a fangirl..) and my love to cook has increased drastically. I find myself constantly coming up with ideas, longing to learn more, and wanting to be in the kitchen. Sometimes, it even gets incredibly stressful for me when I just can’t figure out what a dish needs or how I can make something work.

I draw pretty much all my inspiration from dishes I have tried, things chefs have taught me, or things revolving around sauces… Being the scatter-brained person I am, I cannot follow a recipe to save my life. Thus, everything I create is actually my recipe – I am always making changes here and there.

So, anyways. This section of my blog is dedicated to my cooking, my recipes, and my crazy creations.

I am ALWAYS open to collaborations, requests, etc. Just shoot me an email! 

Bon Appetit!