Roman Street Food Tour with Local Aromas

Like I’ve mentioned in many of my blog posts: I LOVE finding small, family-owned, local companies when I travel. In fact, it is one of my favorite aspects of traveling. You meet so many interesting people, hear so many interesting stories, and learn so much more about a city and its culture. During my research prior to my latest Italy trip, I came across “Local Aromas.” Based on the website itself, I immediately fell in love with sisters Benedetta and Valeria. Along with their mom and dad, the girls offer a variety of Roman expirences, including cooking classes and food tours!

I was really hoping to join one of their rooftop cooking classes while in Rome, but, unfortunately, they were undergoing renovations and were not offering any during my dates. However! I was lucky enough to book a spot on their “Roman Street Food Tour,” which ended up just being me and my awesome guide, Bruno. During this 2-hour tour, I experienced and tasted what Romans love to eat for lunch, while learning quite a bit about the culture.

Out of our five delicious stops, my favorite might have been the very first: “Supplizio.” Here, I tasted their suppli Classico and an Italian IPA beer. By this time on my trip, I had tasted quite a few suppli from several different shops, but this was actually the best in my opinion. Although Supplizio isn’t your traditional, ancient eatery serving suppli, they sure know how to make it tasty!

My tour with Bruno was a splendid afternoon full of food, laughs, and stories. I can tell that Local Aromas really goes to the extent of finding only the best of the best when it comes to their guides. It is exactly this that truly sets their tours apart from others. I really hope that during my next visit to Rome, I can experience one of their cooking classes. Based off of reviews and descriptions, I am certain that these are unforgettable experiences, just like the food tour!

If you are interested in booking or checking out their wide variety of Roman experiences, check out their website here!

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